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Amazing, great idea for teaching children about the Lord. Teach children at an early age, and when they grow up, they will never depart from it.

Dian Gayle 27th June 2019

Amazing Site

Wow what an amazing site… well laid out and easy to use … my kids love it..!

Monique Brown 5th June 2019

Wonderful experience

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that this website make it easy for us to teach our children about God. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Dwayne Raye 4th June 2019

So well done

This website meets the needs of kids seeking and wanting the knowledge of psalms. So well done.

Lance Erskine 30th May 2019

Simple and fun

Such a simple and fun, functional website, adopted for teaching children and allowing them to learn about the poetic book of Psalms. My kids love the carefully selected animation characters they love to engage and read the content as it looks fun and eye catching with its array of bright colours. It has great video content for children to learn and grow with historical facts, and audio bible content for those times when children may just want to listen for once! I’m very active in my local church I have use this website as a vital resource for teaching Sunday school and children love the website and wish every book in the bible was presented in this way!

Jason Baptiste 30th May 2019

I love it

This websites is wonderful, I love it, its awesome. This site takes on a lot of knowledge to put together.

Patricia Raye – Paul 30th May 2019

Great website for kids to learn

Psalms for kids, is a great tool for children to learn the Psalms with ease. This website is easy for children to use and understand. I love it!

Vanessa Beckles 11th May 2019

Great Job!

Wow, love the functionality of this site. Great for kids who like to learn in different ways, from video to audio. I would recommend this website to any kid that wants to know more about the Bible. Great Job!

Tanesha W. 9th May 2019

Very Informative

Totally love this site. We found it very informative and not only for Children. PFK has become a fixed favourite in my browser

Sabrina Peprah 9th May 2019

Love It!

Lovely colourful website! Easy to read, what a great idea for kids. My niece and nephew LOVE IT!

Tracy Lawrence 9th May 2019

Very Insightful

Brilliant websites for kids my lil nieces love it. Very insightful and informative. It’s a must read for all children.

Richard Daley 9th May 2019

Truly Wonderful

Psalms for kids is truly wonderful. It’s easy, relatable and fun. I will continue to help youth build their character with Psalms for kids. Worth sharing.

Sherina Florence 9th May 2019

Very concise

I find this site very resourceful. I often use it as reference for myself as well for my child. The breakdowns are very concise and thorough. I appreciate all your work.

Hue Henry 7th May 2019


Psalms for kids is a great introduction of the psalms, the bible and the power of prayer. I love how it breaks down each psalms so that the kids can understand what it is about. The illustrations for each scripture are pretty straight forward and powerful.

Anyeka H. 7th May 2019

Love this site

My 9 year old son loves this site, kids need these (prayers) food to prepare them for the future.

Opal H. 7th May 2019

Great Job

In earnest, Psalms for kids is very brilliant and religiously educating children to know the word of God. In short, the writers did a very great job and every christian families should make their children visit this website.

Prophet Samson 6th May 2019


PKR this was such a great thing to do my grand kids will enjoy this because you have made it so much easier for them to understand, you have done an awesome job thank you for the lord.

Sharman Alleyne Nurse / Grandmother 5th May 2019

Children are our future

This is a lovely website! Children are our future, so therefore their foundation is very paramount. PFK has been able to develop these Psalms in a style that the children will understand easily. It is a most read for every children in the world. Well done! You will never lose the presence of God in Jesus name.

Emmanuel Ologbese 5th May 2019


What a pleasant surprise. This site secured a great deal of data, conveyed in brief lumps that were anything but difficult to retain. The structure was clear, intelligent and compelling. PFK clearly put a ton of thought and mastery into planning an extraordinary site. My little girl cherishes this site.

Steve McLennan 3rd May 2019

Great website

I’ve really enjoyed reading the psalms from this website. I really like the modern, simple website that offers me a great reading experience. Plus, the audio psalms are extra!

Dimitar Krsteski Reader 29th March 2019

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