Psalm 28

Utter dependence on God,

he is our shield in times of danger. 

A Psalm of David.

Lord, my Rock, I call out to you.
      Pay attention to me.
   If you remain silent, I will die.
      I will be like those who have gone down into the grave.
2 Hear my cry for your favor
      when I call out to you for help.
   Hear me when I lift up my hands in prayer
      toward your Most Holy Room.

 3 Don’t drag me away with sinners.
      Don’t drag me away with those who do evil.
   They speak in a friendly way to their neighbors.
      But their hearts are full of hatred.
4 Pay them back for their evil actions.
      Pay them back for what their hands have done.
      Give them exactly what they should get.

 5 They don’t care about the Lord’s mighty acts.
      They don’t care about what his hands have done.
   So he will tear them down.
      He will never build them up again.
6 Give praise to the Lord.
      He has heard my cry for his favor.

 7 The Lord gives me strength. He is like a shield that keeps me safe.
      My heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
   My heart jumps for joy.
      I will sing and give thanks to him.
8 The Lord gives strength to his people.
      He guards and saves his anointed king.
9 Save your people. Bless those who belong to you.
      Be their shepherd. Take care of them forever.

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