Song of Songs



#1. The Song of Solomon opens at the wedding banquet where the bride tells us how much she loves her groom. She tells us that his love is better than what?

#2. King Solomon replies to his bride and tells her that she has the eyes of which animal?

#3. In chapter two of the Song, the bride recalls a past visit from her groom at the beginning of which season?

#4. The Song of Solomon, as well as the bride and groom, contains verses sung by a chorus of girls. By what name is this chorus known?

#5. When Solomon arrived at his wedding he was guarded by how many soldiers?

#6. What does the bride ask to come into her garden for the pleasure of Solomon?

#7. After the marriage Solomon could not be found by his bride. She searched for him and met guardsmen. What did the guardsmen do to her?

#8. Solomon refers to his new wife by name. What does he call her?

#9. After the couple have made up Solomon again praises his wife's beauty. He compares her neck to a tower made of which precious material?

#10. The Song of Solomon ends with his wife urging Solomon to hurry to her. She asks him to be as fast as which animal?

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