#1. Nahum tells the people of Nineveh about God, saying that He is vengeful, angry and powerful. He also says that God is slow to what? (Nahum 1:2-3)

#2. Nahum tells the Assyrians that there will be no second chance because God will destroy them as if they were dry what? (Nahum 1:9-10)

#3. God tells the King of the Assyrians that he will die and that his royal dynasty will come to an end. God also says that He will destroy what? (Nahum 1:14-15)

#4. Nahum describes in detail the day of Nineveh's fall, even going as far as to say what colour the army who destroys the city will be wearing. What colour is it? (Nahum 2:3-4)

#5. Nahum says that who will be led away as a captive with her handmaidens? (Nahum 2:7)

#6. Nahum tells how the city will be looted whilst what parts of the people tremble? (Nahum 2:9-10)

#7. Which animal was the symbol of Nineveh, which Nahum speaks of ironically? (Nahum 2:11-13)

#8. Nahum says that when Nineveh falls people will trip over what things which lie in the streets? (Nahum 3:1-3)

#9. Nahum says that the fortresses of Assyria will fall like what? (Nahum 3:12-13)

#10. In his final verse Nahum tells the Assyrians of how people will react to their downfall. What does Nahum say that everyone will do? (Nahum 3:18-19)

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