#1. Despite the destruction of Jerusalem Jeremiah says that those who were saved were done so through God's mercy. He says that God's compassions are renewed how often?

#2. Jeremiah says that no-one would have believed that Jerusalem would fall. But God allowed it to happen because which people in particular had sinned?

#3. The fifth poem takes the form of a prayer to God. In it Jeremiah praises God, saying that His what passes from generation to generation?

#4. In the last verse of the first poem Jeremiah acknowledges the sin of Israel but asks God to do what?

#5. In the very first verse of Lamentations Jeremiah compares the city of Jerusalem to two types of women. Who are they?

#6. The second poem is an eyewitness account of the destruction of Jerusalem. In it Jeremiah mourns the loss of all in the city including children and babies killed by what?

#7. Jeremiah encourages people to pray and to pour out what as if it were water?

#8. Because God is not answering the people's prayers as they would wish, Jeremiah says that it is as if God has covered himself with what?

#9. The fourth poem ends with a warning to one nation in particular, saying that it will also be punished by God. Which nation is Jeremiah referring to?

#10. The last verse in the Book of Lamentations speaks of God's what?

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