#1. Amos said that he had been sent to warn the people of God's coming judgement. He said that his words were like the blast of a trumpet or the roar of which creature?

#2. Amos addressed the women of Samaria and likened them to what?

#3. In a speech against corruption of justice Amos condemned people who accepted what?

#4. God showed Amos a vision in which a plague of what was to be released upon Israel?

#5. Amos also begged God to have mercy after he was shown a vision of the land being destroyed by what?

#6. God next showed Amos a vision in which He was measuring a wall with what?

#7. When Amaziah the priest told Amos to take his prophesies back to his homeland, Amos replied by saying he was not a prophet but a shepherd and a gatherer of which fruit?

#8. God said that in the future He would bring a famine on the land, but this famine will not be a shortage of food but a shortage of what other necessity?

#9. God told Amos that He would pass judgement on Israel and the people would be sifted like what in a sieve?

#10. The Book of Amos ends with God's promise of a future time of abundance when the mountains shall drip with what?

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