3 John


#1. The letter is addressed to one man in particular. What is his name? (III John 1:1)

#2. Which two things does John wish for his friend Gaius? (III John 1:2)

#3. John is delighted to hear that Gaius is living a good life in truth. Who does he say brought him this news? (III John 1:3)

#4. John says that nothing brings him more pleasure than hearing that Christians in his churches are living as they should. What name does he give to these Christians? (III John 1:4)

#5. Gaius is thanked by John for which deeds in particular? (III John 1:5-8)

#6. One Christian is named and criticised by John. What is his name? (III John 1:9)

#7. Unlike Gaius, Diotrephes does not welcome missionaries; he even forbids others to help them. What punishment does he deal out to any who welcome missionaries? (III John 1:10)

#8. A third Christian is named by John, and given a good report. What is his name? (III John 1:11-12)

#9. The letter ends with John wishing Gaius peace. He then sends salutations from who? (III John 1:13-14)

#10. As well as being the shortest book in the New Testament by word-count, III John is unique in one other way. It is the only book in the New Testament not to use which words?

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