Psalm 1: The contrast between good and evil
Psalm 2: The King Rejected but Coming to Reign. The sovereignty of the Son of God
Psalm 3: A Psalm in Distress. Deliverance from enemies
Psalm 4: Trust in the Lord. Prayer in Trouble
Psalm 5: Sharing God’s Attitude Toward Sin. Refuge in the Lord
Psalm 6: Praying in Deepest Distress. Grief in time of distress
Psalm 7: The Slandered Saint Psalm. Salvation for the righteous, not for the disobedient
Psalm 8: The Son of Man Reigning. The crowning of man
Psalm 9: Praise for Righteous
Psalm 10: A Psalm Concerning the Wicked. The false security of the wicked
Psalm 11: The Psalm of the Steadfast. The reign of God
Psalm 12: Liars Against the Truth. The preservation of the faithful
Psalm 13: The “How Long” Psalm. Trust in the Lord’s loving-kindness
Psalm 14: The Psalm of the Fool. The corruptness of the atheist fool
Psalm 15: The Regenerate Described. Requirements of living in the Lord’s tent
Psalm 16: Death and Resurrection. The beautiful heritage of the saints
Psalm 17: A Prayer of David Against the Wicked. Judgment in favor of the righteous and against the violent
Psalm 18: David’s Psalm of Deliverance. Protection for the one who keeps the Lord’s ways
Psalm 19: The Witness of Creation and Distortion of Scriptures
Psalm 20: A Psalm for a Day of Trouble. The Lord’s answers in the day of trouble
Psalm 21: Victorious King Psalm. The king’s gladness about the Lord’s strength
Psalm 22: The Good Shepherd (Crucified). Man’s weakness versus God’s strength
Psalm 23: The Great Shepherd (Risen). The shepherd’s shepherd
Psalm 24: The Chief Shepherd (Coming). The supremacy of the King of Glory
Psalm 25: Trust in the Midst of Trouble. The Lord’s instruction in His way
Psalm 26: How to Avoid Backsliding. The innocence of the writer
Psalm 27: One Desire in Time of Trouble. Courage because of the Lord
Psalm 28: A Cry for Judgment. Help for one who asks
Psalm 29: The Judgment Storm. The power of the Lord’s voice
Psalm 30: A Psalm of Dedication. Praise for the Lord’s temporary anger
Psalm 31: A Psalm of Trouble and Trust. Trust in the Lord & lack of trust in people
Psalm 32: David’s Testimony of Confession. Blessing in the Lord’s forgiveness
Psalm 33: Praise for Creation, Providence, Grace. Praise for the Lord’s creating and delivering us
Psalm 34: Appreciation for Deliverance. The deliverance of the righteous
Psalm 35: A Prayer for Intercessors. Prayer for the Lord to fight on our behalf
Psalm 36: Wicked Way and God’s Way Contrasted. The sinfulness of the wicked
Psalm 37: “Fret Not” Psalm. Dependence on the Lord
Psalm 38: David, Out of Fellowship, In at End. Repentance and confession of sin
Psalm 39: Prayer for Wisdom. The brevity of life
Psalm 40: The Obedience of Christ, New Song. Proclamation of good news
Psalm 41: Prophesied Betrayal by Judas. Healing for a sin-sick soul
Psalm 42: “Hope Thou in God” Psalm. Hope for the one in despair
Psalm 43: Enemies Bug Me. Vindication by God
Psalm 44: Undeserved Suffering. Questioning of God’s discipline
Psalm 45: Royal Wedding Psalm. Song of married love
Psalm 46: Triumph in the Great Tribulation Period. Confidence in God as refuge
Psalm 47: The Lord Reigning. King of all the earth
Psalm 48: Jerusalem. The city of God
Psalm 49: The Folly of Unbelief. The temporary nature of riches
Psalm 50: The Nature of True Worship. The judgment of the godly and the wicked
Psalm 51: David’s Sin Acknowledged. Request for forgiveness
Psalm 52: “Green Olive Tree” Psalm. Free will
Psalm 53: The Psalm of the Fool. The atheist fool
Psalm 54: “My Helper” Psalm. Repayment of evil by God
Psalm 55: Escape From Tribulation. Anguish in time of trouble
Psalm 56: A Prayer of the Hunted One. The violence of the wicked
Psalm 57: Refuge in Trouble
Psalm 58: Imprecatory Psalm
Psalm 59: Prayer for Deliverance and Judgment
Psalm 60: Through Defeat to Victory
Psalm 61: Refuge in the Rock
Psalm 62: Confidence in God the Rock
Psalm 63: “Most Beautiful” Psalm
Psalm 64: Wicked vs the Righteous
Psalm 65: Thanksgiving Psalm
Psalm 66: Worthy Worship Psalm
Psalm 67: Future Kingdom Blessing
Psalm 68: Victorious Procession of God
Psalm 69: The Sufferings of Christ
Psalm 70C: Memorial Psalm
Psalm 71: Aged Saint Psalm
Psalm 72: King and the Kingdom
Psalm 73: Envious at the Prosperity of the Wicked
Psalm 74: The Enemy in Possession
Psalm 75: The Lord’s Cup of Judgment
Psalm 76: When God Reigns in Zion
Psalm 77: The Troubled Saint
Psalm 78: The History of God’s Grace With Israel
Psalm 79: A Prayer With Jerusalem in Ruins!
Psalm 80: Christ, the Strong Man
Psalm 81: God Bares the Heart
Psalm 82: God is the Judge
Psalm 83: Afflicted to Learn!
Psalm 84: “Sons of Grace” Psalm
Psalm 85: “Revival Prayer” Psalm
Psalm 86: Poor and Needy Prayer
Psalm 87: A Song of Zion
Psalm 88: “Deepest Distress” Psalm
Psalm 89: “Davidic Covenant” Psalm
Psalm 90: The Psalm of Death (First Adam)
Psalm 91: The Psalm of Life (Last Adam)
Psalm 92: Sabbath Palm (of rest)
Psalm 93: The King and His Throne
Psalm 94: A Prayer for Vengeance
Psalm 95: A Psalm of Praise and Warning
Psalm 96: Praise and Testimony in View of the Second Advent
Psalm 97: “The Lord Reigneth” Psalm
Psalm 98: A New Song of Victory
Psalm 99: Righteous Judgment & Trembling
Psalm 100: The Old Hundredth (Thanksgiving)
Psalm 101: The King and His Subjects
Psalm 102: A Prayer in Humiliation
Psalm 103: “Bless the Lord, O My Soul” Psalm
Psalm 104: The Praise of His Works
Psalm 105: Israel’s History & God’s Mercy
Psalm 106: Israel’s Failure & God’s Grace
Psalm 107: Thanksgiving for Afflictions
Psalm 108: Praise for Victory
Psalm 109: “Satanic Power” Psalm
Psalm 110: Christ as King and Priest
Psalm 111: “Reverend is His Name” Psalm
Psalm 112: God’s Plan is Greater than the Pressures of Life
Psalm 113: From Dunghill to Ruler
Psalm 114: When Israel Went Out of Egypt
Psalm 115: God Compared With Idols
Psalm 116: “Dying Grace” Psalm
Psalm 117: The Shortest Psalm (praise)
Psalm 118: The Exalted Christ
Psalm 119: “The Word of God” Psalm
Psalm 120: Prayer Against a Lying Tongue
Psalm 121: The Traveler’s Psalm
Psalm 122: Jerusalem and Peace
Psalm 123: Waiting in Faith
Psalm 124: Lord on our Side
Psalm 125: Security for the Trusting
Psalm 126: A Psalm of Freedom
Psalm 127: Safety in the Lord
Psalm 128: Earthly Blessings
Psalm 129: Comfort in Affliction
Psalm 130: Who Shall Stand?
Psalm 131: Childlike Trust
Psalm 132: Davidic Covenant Psalm
Psalm 133: A Psalm of Fellowship
Psalm 134: Worship at Night
Psalm 135: Priestly Praise Psalm
Psalm 136: His Mercy Endureth Forever
Psalm 137: Babylon Captivity Weeping
Psalm 138: “Magnified Thy Word Above Thy Name” Psalm
Psalm 139: Spiritual Life Psalm
Psalm 140: Opposition from Evil
Psalm 141: “Guard My Speech” Psalm
Psalm 142: The Prisoner’s Psalm
Psalm 143: A Prayer for Mercy in Persecution
Psalm 144: Military Strength Psalm
Psalm 145: Pure Praise Psalm
Psalm 146: Praise and Trust
Psalm 147: Praise for God’s Grace to Israel
Psalm 148: Praise from all Creation
Psalm 149: A New Song of Praise
Psalm 150: Praise Ye the Lord

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