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“ I’m like a gate. Anyone who enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out. And they will find plenty of food “.

– John 10:9

Our Approach

Welcome to the wonderful world of Psalms for kids. Psalms are poems, prayers and songs used by the early church for public religious worship and personal devotion. It is a blessing and a comfort for all believers who meditate on the scriptures. This website was written primarily for children of all ages in a unique, contemporary translation and engaging format for a clearer understanding. Psalms for kids is a treasure box full of delightful psalms and media to aid in all aspects of our lives based on every human condition and emotions which can sometimes puzzle rather than enlighten the mind. Within this website there are 150 delightful psalms brought to life through prayers, hymns, collective songs of thanksgiving, animated videos, instructions, wise teachings with charming colourful illustration on every page.

Our Website

We want to ensure you have fun, learn, explore and celebrate God through the psalms. By using soft art and media, children, parents, grandparents and guardians will learn to rebuild and renew their faith by the inspiration of the holy spirit. We aim to open the reader to a greater depth of understanding via our videos, audio bible, biblical literature and a 30-day reading plan. With this daily plan your child will have the opportunity to read, study, understand and apply the verses of Psalms to their lives.

Statement of Faith

Our aim is to edify, educate and encourage the children’s walk with God based on the sacred scriptures from the bible. We want to enhance good fellowship, communication and build a relationship with other Christians worldwide.

We believe that the bible have compelling words implemented in every situation of our lives.

We believe that every word spoken according to God’s words is the word that saves. Without his spoken words sin separates us from God.


Our vision is to make PFK translate into a multilingual global audience. Increase international traffic, reach a global audience, explore new markets, accessible and useful to all.

Next Steps…

Create a App in the IOS and Android store internationally. Watch this space were doing great things.

Spread the Word

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