Book 2 (Ps.42-72)

Redemption -—Corresponds with the book of Exodus.

There are 31 Psalms in this section. David wrote 18 of them, Solomon wrote 1 (Psalm 72), and the rest were written by Korah. These Psalms were compiled for Tabernacle and Temple services. David wants us to have a sense of wonder when we worship the Lord, but they also contain prayers of deliverance.

The divine name that is predominantly used in this book is El or Elohim (God).

This is called the Exodus section, for in them we get a sense of the nation in ruin but calling out to God for deliverance. They speak of how God is able to rescue His people.

Psalm 42 sets the scene by crying out for God’s presence in a dry wilderness experience. The Psalmist continually appeals to God for deliverance from the enemy who is oppressing their soul. The book finishes with a prayer of Solomon (72). The final verses also praise God for His power and might, and His glory. There is the double Amen again.

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