Book 5 (Ps.107-150)

Gods Sovereignty -—Corresponds with the book of Deuteronomy.

This section contains 44 Psalms. 15 are ascribed to David and one to Solomon (127th). These Psalms praise God for His word. Thanksgiving is the major theme of this book. God wants the most perfect sacrifice of all, our faithfulness and obedience to His revealed will.

This is similar to the book of Deuteronomy since it speaks of a new beginning in the Promised Land. These Psalms express the thoughts, prayers, and experiences of the captives and their return to Jerusalem.

‘Jehovah’ is used as the divine name in this last section of the Psalms

Psalm 107 is the introduction to the section. It acknowledges the delivering power of God. The doxology is found in Psalm 150 but really should include Psalms 145-150. They thank God in every possible way for His goodness towards His people. Hallelujah ends this final section as a note of joyfulness and gladness.

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